die neue Beauty-Formel

Die Haut verändert sich altersbedingt. Wie unsere Haut altert, hängt von zwei Faktoren ab: Unserem Lebensstil und den Genen. Wie gut, frisch, jung und dynamisch wir aussehen, ist Sache unserer Pflege.

eoipso the new beauty formula

Our skin changes with age, and the way our skin ages depends on two factors: our lifestyle and our genetics. Our skincare routine determines how healthy, fresh, young and dynamic we look.

Eoipso is another word for "acting of itself." This recurring beauty formula uses sophisticated laboratory ingredients to target the skin's power to renew itself. Eoipso products combat "inflammaging" and stimulate regeneration, providing the ultimate in reconstructive skincare.

Wrinkles, redness, pimples and sensitive skin tend to make women quite unhappy. They often cause a feeling of vulnerability. No doubt about it: after 35, we can no longer rely on our genes alone. The skin now requires highly potent skincare products.

Contact your qualified aesthetician to try our special eoipso anti-inflammaging treatments.